Aromatherapy Essential Oils FAQs

Aromatherapy Essential Oils FAQs

What sets the Little Innoscents Essential Oils Apart?

Essential Oil Benefits Fact Sheets

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The Signature Scents range of essential oils are made using premium, individually selected essential oils and blends. Developed by an Aromatherapist, these oils are high quality and encourage the natural flow of energy to achieve balance in your life! Whether you need to get a more restful night’s sleep or boost your energy levels, there is an oil that can help. Each essential oil blend works to balance your mood and help you breathe a little easier day to day. In this fantastic range, there are 22 different pure aromas and 9 aroma blends to choose from to suit whatever your needs.

Our oils are 100% pure therapeutic-grade and made with pure essential oil extracts, ideally used in the following ways:

The practice of administering essential oils can be in several ways which include:

  1. Diffused through the air:
    Add 4-6 drops into an oil burner or oil diffuser.
  2. In a bath:
    Due to the potency, a small number of drops is all that is required. The reason for this is that oil and water do not mix as you may well know. Therefore the oils will float on the top of the water and attached on the edge of the bath and onto your skin.  Essential oils combined with hot water in the bath may potential cause skin irritation.A safe, effective way to use essential oils in a bath is to mix them with a liquid which will be able to combine them so that they mix and disperse within the water, such as milk or a carrier oil such as jojoba. The milk or carrier oil protects your skin, and helps the essential oils disperse through the bath water making it safer for both children and adults.
  3. On the skin:
    Massage them into the skin by first mixing into a carrier oil base or in a skin cream base. It is recommended that you use only one or two drops in a base oil or cream for topical use and seek professional advice in order to address particular health issues such as dry or itchy skin conditions before applying.
  4. Cleaning:
    Add a few drops to a water spray bottle and shake well before spraying onto surfaces to use with a cleaning cloth. For floors, add a few drops to a bucket of hot water.
  5. Orally:
    Historically many cultures and countries have ingested essential oils for simple health conditions. Yet in Australia under the strict guidance of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) it is necessary for consumers to consult a professional healthcare practitioner if you wish to use the ingestion of essential oils for medicinal reasons. This does not include culinary reasons.There may be other suppliers in different countries that are unaware of the Australian local laws and requirements in relation to essential oil medicinal ingestion usage. Little Innoscents complies fully with the Australian law usages of essential oils.

To read about the individual usage benefits of each essential oil, download our Little Innoscents Essential Oil Guide or view more detailed information for each oil in our aromatherapy online store:

Where are these essential oils sourced from?

Little Innoscents pride ourselves on offering 100% pure naturally extracted essential oils and blends, all of our essential oils are sourced from either locally grown on farms in Australia, if they are native to our country, others are sourced from overseas in areas that yield the best crops where they grow naturally in their environment for that essential oil.  The strength or sweetness of the smell of an oil does not always reflect on its potency or effectiveness, rather it’s the natural chemical makeup of that essential oil and how it will offer its true healing characteristics.

Why are the prices so low compared to other well-known brands?

Why is our pricing so much cheaper, could they be true essential oils you may ask? Well yes all Little Innoscents oils are 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, we use many essential oils in our babycare and cleaning range that was created over 9 years ago. Our ethos at Little Innoscents is to provide good quality, natural and organic products to mainstream consumers. We are not interested in marking up our oils to only cater for a high end customer rather choosing to sell our products at a better pricing point to make an impact on a greater audience who have the desire to make a conscious effort to live a more holistic lifestyle.

Can I use these oils if I am pregnant?

The essential oils that are in our products are all safe for those who are pregnant when used in a diffuser or blended into a carrier oil. What many people do not realise is that most studies conducted if any are with very high percentages and in high frequency use. Most people would never use essential oils to ingest litres at a time and are not bathing in undiluted quantities of essential oil. When they are mixed in baths (using a carrier oil) and in lotions they equate to most of the time less than .05% that have no threat or danger. The same analogy can be made with Panadol. When used as prescribed it is safe and effective.  If it is used at 3 times the dosage it can be fatal. All of our products have been tested and are safe.

About the Author: Antonette Golikidis has studied Natural Health Science at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and is qualified in Remedial Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy. The greatest effort has gone into ensuring the information on this page is valid, however if you have any concerns, please visit your healthcare professional.

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