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I first discovered Little Innoscents after the birth of my third child when I was looking for an organic option for my daughter. Little Innoscents bright funky packaging attracted me to the range initially but the ingredient list was what impressed me most.

Dr Hayley Ansell

After using the soap and lotion on my son, we saw an amazing improvement, the redness started to clear up…and he is not scratching at all….we also make a big fuss about him having his own special soap and cream…..in short it works and I love it, and I thank you….

amazing improvement

Little Innoscents don’t contain any harmful chemicals & preservatives made in a lab, just ingredients made from Mother Nature herself.  My sons skin is so smooth, and I’m a peace knowing that I’m using products that are natural & doing him no harm.

products that are natural & doing no harm

The nappy rash cream is the only thing that helps when she gets a bit of rash and I’ve tried just about everything else.  So thank you for coming up with such wonderful products, and please, feel very welcome to bring out some more!  My only problem… trying not to lick my gorgeous smelling bub after a bath 🙂

gorgeous smelling bubs

Mum couldn’t stop raving on about the products as she believes Organic products should be just that – Organic!  Now when we give my little girl a bath we tell her she’s going to be all “Minty Fresh” … she smells divine for days!

Minty Fresh Organic products – Love It!

I just wanted to let you know that after 18 months we have finally found something to help soothe my little girls nappy rash, we had not seen her bum this clear in a very long time! We have tried everything and seen ALOT of Dr’s.

My little innocent was suffering from a horrible red dryness all over her face and head I was desperate I had a tub of your cream tand applied it to the affected area one day later ( yes just one day) she had perfect beautiful peachy skin so now we use it every day all over her body … so guys THANKS a million


Perfect peachy skin thanks to Little Innoscents

I especially like that the rub – it isn’t overpowering and it’s not greasy either like some of those other yucky chest rubs.

My two-year-old had a seemingly ‘endless’ runny nose and the only thing she wanted was more more more of this rub under her nose, and on her chest and back.

Happy Customer

I love the scents, they are a little bit different, the colours are so eye catching and bright, the products are satisfyingly natural and harm free and the price- such value for money

Value for money good quality skincare

I’m really into organic products and I’m glad that I have come across your collection.  I’ve since started using it on my older daughter Erica, who is 2 and has really dry skin…what an improvement I have seen on her skin in the last few days.

What an improvement in my skin

Ever since using the Little Innoscents range, my daughter’s very dry skin has turned into beautiful smooth silk. Her bum now lives up to the phrase, as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The powder was lovely and soft, the massaging oil and cream was beautiful. The Intensive soothing cream (nappy rash cream) worked well, and the body wash was great in the bath

Great for very dry skin

While I was pregnant I received some samples of the Little Innoscents Hair and Body Wash and the Baby Massage Oil. At the time I was very impressed by the generous size of the sample products and the lovely smell. Once my son arrived and developed very dry skin I tried a range of other? Big brand? products but these didn’t help. I turned to my range of sample products and I added both the Little Innoscents Hair and Body Wash and the Baby Massage Oil to my son’s bath water, I was amazed at the difference in his skin after only the first wash. I have continued to use the Little Innoscents products as they are fantastic, organic and smell divine. Congratulations Antonette on your fabulous product range- I have gone on to buy them all.

Please keep up the great work.


Please keep up the great work

Dear Antonette,

Sorry I did not get a chance to send this email sooner to you. I would like to say a very big Thank you for such a wonderful product. I have been using Little Innocents Hair and Body wash for 3 weeks now. My daughter’s skin has significantly improved as has my nephews. Even when it comes back from grass and other antigens, the body wash helps soothe from getting red and aggressive. Both myself and my sister in law are impressed by this product. We both will be using this product from now on.

I have struggled to find the right thing to use for 3 years.
Not only is this a natural product it is also organic and it smells so nice.
Thanks Again placing my order right now

Andrea Kewish

Such a Wonderful Product

Thanks, you’re absolutely right about the vapour rub balm; its scent is so much sweeter than the old plain, harsh eucalyptus rubs. I’ve tried the intensive soothing cream for nappy rash, its the right texture and calms redness, and the body wash liquid is beautiful too, my elder daughter wants to share it with the bubs. I also think the powder is nicer than the competitor brands with cornstarch. I thought you might also like to know that your prices on Little Innoscents are sensationally competitive to any other alternative on the market.

Kind regards

Thanks, you’re absolutely right about the vapour rub balm


I just wanted to let you know that my sister bought me the Little Innoscents gift pack as a baby gift and I just love it! (She swears by your products).

Having previously used other brands of baby skincare products, I was disappointed…. even by products that said they were for ‘sensitive skin’. I have been amazed by the difference in my son’s skin since using your products and have just ordered myself another bunch of your products. I can’t thank you enough for producing such a beautiful, natural and trustworthy product.

Yours Sincerely
Monique Warrillow

I just love it!

I’m an avid reader of Australian Natural Health magazine and saw your beautiful ad – I trust their brands, so thought I’d best give you a red hot go! Saw your products in my local supermarket and couldn’t help but try them on my baby daughter who has sensitive skin – your massage lotion and oil is amazing and I’ll continue to support your brand! Congratulations and thank you for such beautiful products!


Irritated Skin problems

Dear Antonette,

Thank you very much for sending our group the samples we put them in a hat and picked out 2 products each to try on our children, I have since spoken to all of them and I am proud to tell you that out of 6 mums and bubs that 5 of us are regularly using your products now as they are great to sensitive skin and they are not heavily fragranced.

It wonderful to be kept up to date with things going on in the world when you are at home with a baby can we please be on the mailing list to keep getting these emails. Keep up the great work..

Many thanks again

Chantell & the 5 First time mums

Well, we totally adore the entire Little Innoscents range and we all use it (including myself and my husband!) so picking one product is hard!

Our little man looks forward to having the Winter Blues Vapour Rub put on and most times it’s the only way we can get him to lay down and drink his bottle.

So thank you Little Innoscents for making these past couple of weeks a little easier to bear!

Tara Christides

We totally adore the entire Little Innoscents range

Every time the boys had their bath, after using your products (we have the entire range) our whole family would comment on how good the bathroom and our little ones smelt!

Love your products, cannot give enough praise for them. Woo-hoo! Finally we have found a product that works AND smells great!!!

Much love,

Love your products, cannot give enough praise for them

Just wanted to tell you how in love with your products I am!! I received a beautiful big basket full of your amazing products for my baby shower, and my son has used them every day for the past 2 years…and I still can’t get over the delicious smell of your body wash! I have converted all my friends, and even use it myself now.
The  soothing change cream is fab too, works instantly on a red bottom, and my bub’s have NEVER had nappy rash using your cream. It’s also great for mozzie bites!

Thanks again for creating such a gorgeous range of organic guilt-free products!


Just wanted to tell you how in love with your products I am!!

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful organic range! The Winter Vapour Rub Balm is just bloody brilliant. It helps soothe sniffles more easily. And best of all, it smells delicious AND doesn’t irritate her skin! (which is a HUGE boon, just about everything does….)

And not only does it work, but the packaging is absolutely gorgeous too. So nice to have some baby products that are not in pastels. Very much looking forward to using your other products, on both our daughter and our impending arrival.

Jacqui Cougan

Thank you for creating such a wonderful organic range!

Dear Antonette,

Just checking in to let you know I had a healthy (big) 10pd 8oz baby boy and called him Riley.

I wanted to thank you once again for the giftpack you sent out to me, it was great and came in very handy! Not to mention smelled divine and made bub’s skin so silky smooth and delicious smelling!!!
I really do appreciate the help you provided me and I cannot express my gratitude to you enough!

Thank you and Kind Regards

Jade Scantlebury

Thank you!

My daughter has had the pleasure of using these products on my grand-daughter and both her and I agree that they are nourishing and gentle on the baby’s skin, also found the range to be diverse which could be beneficial to most parents and young children.

Dr Gary Franks – General Practitioner
Shire Family Medical

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