We all love a sparkling clean home that smells fresh and gives us a sense that our families are kept clean and free of dust build up and bacteria. BUT do we actually realise that many store brought products are dangerous and highly toxic – yet we are still using them in our homes and breathing in the fumes, damaging our bodies by affecting our immune system and causing skin irritations.

The Little Innoscents eco cleaning and laundry range offers a better alternative, boasting no toxic chemicals making it grey water and environmentally respectful. Our plant-based and botanically scented range offers safe yet effective cleaning, reducing the potential for skin irritations and is ideal for those with skin sensitivities.

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Multi-purpose Surface Spray

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A lot of common household cleaning products are actually pretty toxic to our health.

At Little Innoscents we keep it simple by combining botanical oils of Orange and Lavender and plant based ingredients to keep your household clean and fresh. Safe to spray on your children’s toys, around the house and to clean up spills.

Directions: Simply spray any surface and wipe clean, for stubborn stains spray and let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe the surface clean. Can be used to clean bathrooms, basins, tiles, stainless steel, bins, walls, whitegoods, vinyl and acrylic, kitchens, benchtops, stoves.

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