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China visit

Little Innoscents founder Antonette Golikidis, was recently invited to China by the China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) and EPOH Health Tasmania and co-sponsored by China Women’s Daily, for a joint launch of a charity fund and a “Care Club” to benefit Chinese mothers and children.

Antonette speaking on the panel

Antonette speaking on the panel in China

Antonette spoke as part of a panel at a seminar on “Maternal and Child Health and Industrial Development”, and participated in a question and answer session on maternal and child health-related topics including skincare for mothers and babies. The panel consisted of Chinese and Australian maternal health care experts and academics.

The new initiative is a platform for cultural exchange between Australia and China as well as economic and trade exchanges, giving the opportunity for high quality and safe Australian products, including Little Innoscents and many other health care brands, to be able to introduce their products to the Chinese market.

The club will be available to mothers in China via a nursing consulting service providing medical checks and advice, health counseling services, private and public hospitals, community health centers and the club’s web site.  An important part of this service is to help the mothers learn about high-quality, safe products.

A Chinese website providing advice and products will be set up with China Women’s News and the All China Women’s Federation, and will be promoted in up to 3000 mater­nity hospitals.

The joint venture that has created the China Mother and Baby Healthcare Clubs was driven by Tasmanian pharmacy owners Peter and Elizabeth Hope of EPOH Health, the joint ventures will enable mother and baby clubs to be set up in public­ and private maternity hospitals across China.

Peter and Elizabeth Hope from EPOH Health

Peter and Elizabeth Hope from EPOH Health

The first China Mother and Baby Healthcare Clubs will be themed with Australian bush animal characters, in private maternity hospitals, with hospit­al group Jia Yin and the aim is to be able to expand to public hospitals in the near future. The first club will be rolled out within the next month.


Benefits of Goat’s Milk Soap

Goat’s milk is not just for ‘kids’!

Goats Milk is renowned for its moisturising and skin healing properties. Used for centuries to promote youthful skin, it’s reported that even some of the ancient Egyptians such as Cleopatra would bathe in it!

So what gives goat’s milk its moisturising properties? It contains natural essential fatty acids that have a pH balance very similar to the that of the skin on the human body. It also contains triglicerides and is readily absorbed by our skin and less prone to causing irritation.

Goats milk is packed full of vitamins and minerals that your skin will love including zinc, alpha hydroxy acid and amino acid and vitamins C, B1, B6, B12, and E. It also contains lactic acid which breaks down skin cells, aiding the natural skin renewal process.

Once your family starts using a goats milk soap such as our Little Innoscents Goats Milk Cleansing Bar, you may find that you don’t need to use moisturisers as much as you did previously, due to its natural moisturising properties and also because it does not contain detergents, foaming agents, alcohol, artificial colours and fragrances or petroleum by-products.

What are the key benefits of goat’s milk in organic skincare for your family?Goats Milk

  • Suitable to use on delicate newborn skin
  • Soothes dry itchy skin and helps with improving the symptoms of inflammation due to eczema or psoriasis
  • Effectively removes dirt and grime from the most sensitive skin, while leaving skin beautifully soft and moisturised.
  • Goat’s milk can act as a gentle exfoliator
  • It’s beneficial nutrients are easily absorbed into the skin
  • Acts as a natural moisturiser
  • Contains anti-aging and skin-brightening properties
  • Can help to treat acne

The Little Innoscents Organic Cleansing Bar not only contains goat’s milk, bringing all of the above benefits with it, but also has the goodness of Manuka honey, which acts as a potent anti-bacterial agent and incorporates the therapeutic essential oil of Ylang Ylang that will leave you and your baby smelling divine.

The cleansing bar is available in single, 2-packs and 6-packs.


Goat’s Milk Hand Wash Thermomix Recipe

Goat's Milk Liquid Hand Wash

Last week one of our lovely customers asked if we had ever tried to make liquid hand wash from our Organic Goat’s Milk Cleansing Bars, so we decided to give it a try!

With a little bit of testing and experimentation, this is the recipe that we came up with, which was adapted from this one by The Road to Loving My Thermomix.

Goat’s Milk Liquid Hand Wash Recipe


  1. 1 x Little Innoscents Organic Goat’s Milk Bar, cut into 6 cubes
  2. 7.25 cups of water (you could use up to 8 cups for a thinner mixture)

Instructions for ThermomixGoats Milk Soap

  1. Mill the Goat’s Milk bar on speed 5, gradually building up to speed 8 until fine.  You will be able to hear the difference in the sound once the soap has milled fine enough.
  2. Add 0.25 cups of water. Melt at 90 degrees, speed 2 for approx 2-3 minutes or until melted.
  3. Continue to mix at 80 degrees, speed 2 whilst pouring the rest of the water (7 cups) slowly in to the bowl through the hole in the lid.
  4. Continue to mix for 2 mins or until nice and smooth.
  5. At this point, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, as the mixture was clear with bubbles on top. Ignore this and continue on with the rest of the steps.
  6. Pour into a bowl or leave in the thermomix bowl if you are not planning to use it again that day.
  7. Leave in the bowl for around 10 – 12 hours, stirring every hour or so. I left mine overnight and gave it a big stir in the morning. It thickens to fairly solid mass, but stirring it returned it to a liquid handwash consistency.
  8. This mixture is quite thick, so use a funnel with a large opening to fill your hand wash bottle.  Keep the excess in extra jars or bottles in the back of the cupboard out of the light until needed.


Peta from The Road to Loving My Thermomix suggests that if it’s too thick just pop it back into the Thermomix on speed 8 for 30-60 secs in order to smooth it out again and you can thin with a little water if needed. If you prefer a thinner mixture, just increase the water to 8 cups or more depending on your desired consistency.

Once cool it will have thickened. Beat mixture with a electric mixer to fully incorporate. If the mixture seems too thick, you can add more water to thin it out. Pour into containers and you are all set!

Non-Thermomix Instructions

If you don’t have a Thermomix, you can still make this soap by replacing the above instructions 1-5 with the following directions and then cooling and stirring as above:

  1. Grate up your goats milk bar by hand or in a high powered blender
  2. Heat the water into a pot until just before boiling.
  3. Add in the grated soap and stir. Mix until all the soap is completely dissolved
  4. Continue steps 6-8 as above

Organic Stevia in Toothpaste


What is Stevia and Why do we use it in Our Toothpaste?

Have you ever wondered what makes children’s toothpaste sweet enough to be palatable and yummy for them to want to brush their teeth every day? Many commercial toothpastes contain varying amounts of synthetic sweeteners such as saccharin, sorbitol, aspartame and cyclamates. Who wants to put that into their own or their child’s mouth?

We only use Certified Organic Stevia in our toothpaste as a natural sweetener and not any of those synthetic nasties.

Organic Stevia replaces normal sugar as a sweetener that is so much better for you.  Used for hundreds of years in South America, it is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant, it is steeped and dried like tea, then the infusion is purified to intensify the sweetness and obtain the best flavour from the leaf. It is then blended with Organic Certified Erythritol. This is a sugar alcohol found naturally in fruits like melons and grapes.

Organic Certified Stevia has almost zero kilojoules and passes through the body without being broken down for energy.  As a result it has no effect on blood sugar levels and it is suitable for diabetics and people on special diets as well.

The Stevia in our product is:stevia-infographic

  • Certified organic
  • Low in kilojoules
  • Low in carbohydrate
  • Tooth friendly
  • Has a high digestive tolerance
  • No nasties (no aspartame, no saccharin, no pesticides)
  • No GMO

From nature to you, the stevia in our Little Innoscents Organic Milky Whites Toothpaste has no nasties and is 100% organic, naturally.

Soothe the Winter Sniffles Naturally

As the days begin to get shorter, all the leaves have fallen and the colder weather sets in permanently.  Many parents own up to the idea that winter is upon us and its a time that many parents dread, the endless days of staying indoors with sick restless little ones who have the sniffles.

So out comes the blessed chest rub!  This wonder balm has been used on many a nights with all families across the world to help alleviate congestion and ease breathing.  While it is with the best intentions that we rummage through the medicine cabinet or make late night dashes to the pharmacy aisles that I urge you to STOP! Check your jar or tube, as there are a few good reasons to take a closer look at the ingredient list in your classic chest rub:

Turpentine and Camphor

The most common ingredient in vapour balms is turpentine.  First turpentine is distilled to create pinene. After drying the pinene is converted into “artificial camphor” (bornyl chloride). This is done by treating it with hydrochloric acid gas. The hydrochloric acid gas is stripped from the product through several additional chemical processes. Synthetic camphor is believed to be a nervous system stimulant and an irritant. Did you know that it has been shown to cause dizziness, nausea, and/or irritation of the eyes/nose/throat if absorbed through the skin?

The turpentine is then bleached with petroleum jelly and put in a jar!

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, the main ingredient in chest rub, is a derivative of oil refining. It has been made into a soft wax or paraffin mixture and can be sold as a skin ointment.  Originally found coating the bottom of oil rigs, it’s a byproduct of the oil industry. The components that are removed from the oil during the refining process of petroleum jelly are carcinogenic in some cases.   Petroleum jelly can create the illusion of moisturised, hydrated skin, all the while suffocating your pores. It’s water-repellant and not water-soluble, meaning it merely seals the barrier so that moisture does not leave the skin. So while you might feel the instant gratification of a softened surface, you’re actually drying out your pores by keeping out air and moisture.

For me this was not a product I could use on my family or myself. Luckily, there are ways to winter-proof our babies that is both easy and natural!  This includes the Little Innoscents Winter Blues Balm.

Banish the Winter Blues

Sick babyAt Little Innoscents we use therapeutic beeswax and a unique combination of essential oils that helps alleviate stubborn colds in a more natural and faster way and is 100% natural and safe-for-babies. This effective Vapour Rub Balm is a healthy alternative to greasy petrolatum based remedies found on supermarket shelves.

“We formulated an amazing vapour balm without petroleum made from natural Beeswax, Certified Organic Shea Butter and infused with essential oils of warming Wintergreen, fresh Peppermint, zesty Lemon and feisty Eucalyptus and it warms away those winter blues just beautifully.”

“This product is great for babies and by applying a small amount to the soles of their feet, it helps move the product through the bloodstream and clear up chest and nasal congestion”.

Awareness of chemicals in skincare is certainly increasing and more parents are trying to choose wisely.  My tip is after a bath I recommend rubbing some on the chest, back and bottom of feet before rugging your little one up and putting him to bed for the night. Only needing a moderate amount to get the job done, not only are you giving your kids some relief from feeling unwell but the chemical free base is quite moisturising for their skin.

So next time you are thinking of ways to soothe the sniffles, congestion and stuffiness think of Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm. This certified organic wonder balm is perfect for the winter months and a must have next to your bedside and in your medicine cabinet.
Winter Blues Vapour Rub Balm

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