Organic Stevia in Toothpaste


What is Stevia and Why do we use it in Our Toothpaste?

Have you ever wondered what makes children’s toothpaste sweet enough to be palatable and yummy for them to want to brush their teeth every day? Many commercial toothpastes contain varying amounts of synthetic sweeteners such as saccharin, sorbitol, aspartame and cyclamates. Who wants to put that into their own or their child’s mouth?

We only use Certified Organic Stevia in our toothpaste as a natural sweetener and not any of those synthetic nasties.

Organic Stevia replaces normal sugar as a sweetener that is so much better for you.  Used for hundreds of years in South America, it is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant, it is steeped and dried like tea, then the infusion is purified to intensify the sweetness and obtain the best flavour from the leaf. It is then blended with Organic Certified Erythritol. This is a sugar alcohol found naturally in fruits like melons and grapes.

Organic Certified Stevia has almost zero kilojoules and passes through the body without being broken down for energy.  As a result it has no effect on blood sugar levels and it is suitable for diabetics and people on special diets as well.

The Stevia in our product is:stevia-infographic

  • Certified organic
  • Low in kilojoules
  • Low in carbohydrate
  • Tooth friendly
  • Has a high digestive tolerance
  • No nasties (no aspartame, no saccharin, no pesticides)
  • No GMO

From nature to you, the stevia in our Little Innoscents Organic Milky Whites Toothpaste has no nasties and is 100% organic, naturally.

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