Travelling with a Baby

Most of us know from observing other mums on a flight, that travelling with a baby on an aeroplane is no easy task, and its not always fun for your fellow travellers around you either.  In fact, I’ve witnessed a passenger on a recent flight asking to be moved so that they didn’t have to sit next to a mum with her baby as they were hoping to catch up on some sleep.

There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your chances of having as easy and comfortable a flight as possible. I’ve put together a list of all of the things I’ve learned when travelling with my two boys.

Baby sleeping on plane

My top ten tips for flying with a baby:


1. Health check

Before you fly, make sure your baby does not have a cold or an ear infection. When you fly, the eustachian tubes in your ears adjust to the air pressure changes and it can cause some small discomfort in adults. Babies and children have narrower eustachian tubes that may not function as effectively as an adults, so any inflammation or infection can cause serious pain when the plane climbs or descends. This is the reason that babies often cry during the the descent of an aeroplane. Check with your doctor before flying if you suspect a cold or ear infection and if there is one present, they may recommend delaying your flight.


2. Pre-book seats

Book an aisle seat! I can’t stress this point enough. It’s almost impossible to try to get out of a middle or window seat with a baby in your arms while trying to climb over other passengers and deal with reclined seat backs from the row in front.


3. Get to the airport early

Ensure you arrive at the boarding lounge early enough to take advantage of pre-boarding times for parents with children that most airlines allow for.


4. Plan your hand luggage

Take only 1 main bag on board for both your and your baby. A compact back pack is the best choice, as carrying a baby onto a plane while a heavy nappy bag swings around off a single shoulder strap, banging into seats and people as you try to squeeze down the narrow aisle, will not get you off to a good start. A great idea is to have a second, more compact bag inside the main bag that you carry essential items like wipes or food/drink that you can take out of the main bag before you stow it in the overhead lockers and pop the smaller bag under the seat in front of you for easy access during the flight.


5. Pack smart

Pack as lightly as possible to save space and to make it easy to find things in your bag once on the flight by utilising all of the pockets and compartments in your bag. Travel sized baby skincare are perfect.  Buy soft packs of wipes, as these take up less space in your bag and compress easily. Packing hierarchy is important. Make sure that you keep the most used items at the top of the bag, so you don’t need to empty everything out whenever you need to use them.


6. More nappies!

Pack more nappies than you would normally use in the same period of time. You don’t want to run out unexpectedly at 30,000 feet.


7. Extra clothes

Depending on how long your flight is, include at least 1-2 clothing changes in case of accidents or spillages which can occur very easily in the confined seating space.


8. Boredom busters

If your baby is old enough to play with toys or books, make sure that you pack a couple of favourites to help keep them occupied. Try to avoid any noisy toys that may disrupt your fellow passengers.


9. Feed to soothe

Be prepared to breast or bottle feed your baby to sooth them whenever needed. When you are flying, its not the time to worry about feeding and sleeping routines. Do whatever it takes to keep your baby happy and calm (and therefore keeping you happy) Pressure changes when taking off and landing can be upsetting for a baby and the familiar comfort of feeding will help to calm them. Walking with them up and down the aisle so they can see other faces while on the move can also help once the seat belt sign is off and you are free to move around the cabin.


10. Make friends

Befriend the passengers around you and introduce them to your baby. Most people will understand how difficult it is to travel with a young child, however if you’ve made the effort to get to know them and for them to know your baby, they will be less likely to shoot you any dirty looks and are more likely to offer help if your baby starts crying or acting distressed during the flight.


Babies can be unpredictable at the best of times, so its no surprise that travelling with them can bring situations that may be difficult to deal with.  With some basic planning and a little patience, you can make your next flight less stressful and more enjoyable for both you and your child.

Product Review: Greenbubz Organic Teething Toys

In our travels at various baby expos and shows, we are lucky to see a lot of great products for babies and toddlers, however these gorgeous and unique organic baby teething toys from Greenbubz really caught our eye.

Just as we like to ensure that anything we put on our children’s skin and the foods that they eat are not going to cause them harm, we should also have peace of mind that other products they handle and put in their mouths are safe and natural.

Combi teething toy Crocodile teething toy Seahorse teething toy

Greenbubz is an Australian owned company that produces teething toys made from organic cotton with Innergreen stuffing and an organic maple wood teething ring. With bright and funky original designs and illustrations by Dennis the Badger, you won’t find anything else quite like them on the market.

Organic teething toysNow, our boys are a little old for teething toys, so we recruited our friend’s daughter Amelia to road test the toys. At 5 months of age, just starting to teeth and at that stage where everything goes in the mouth, these toys were a huge hit! She enjoyed chewing on both the wooden ring and the soft organic fabric pillow section. Amelia’s mum was very happy that there were no nasties in the toys and that they kept her occupied and calm in the pram and on her lap while mum was able to catch up for lunch at a local cafe as well as keeping her busy on the playmat at home.

You can find Greenbubz organic teething toys at



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