Little Innoscents Receives Service Award

Yay! Little Innoscents has earned a 2014 Service Award!


With tough competition and less than 5% of companies that are on WOMO achieving this award we truly are ecstatic! A big thanks to you, our loyal and true customers for supporting our brand and ethos.


Since inception we have worked hard to create and produce beautiful organic and natural skincare for babies that is made and manufactured in Australia from the finest ingredients.


For us to achieve this award it means that we have achieved 4-5 star reviews and have over 90% of positive reviews. Running a small family-owned business and launching a company in tough economic conditions as shown us many trials and tribulations and to achieve something like this and constantly hear from you how much you love and enjoy our products make every day worth it.


Little Innoscents has grown in to something we are so very proud of and continues to grow both nationally and internationally.


A big, big thank you to you!


Love, Antonette. x


P.s~ For those of you who haven’t yet reviewed us, you can click here:

Help us raise money and support the Run For the Kids with each donation supporting the Royal Children's Hospital.


Whether you can walk with us on the day or make a tax deductible donation online, your support means the world to us as we join to be apart of the Run for the Kids initiative!

The annual event will take place on the 13th of April starting and finishing off at the Kings Domain in Alexandra Avenue, right next to Alexandra Gardens.

Every donation helps the hundreds of patients at the Royal Children’s Hospital who are not able to run, walk or skip their way around. Money raised will fund projects, research, and technological innovations to ensure that every child receives the very best of treatment.

How you can help!

If you would like to walk with us on the day head over to the Run For The Kids Website, register and join our team.

We will also be providing Little Innoscents t-shirts for you to wear to show you support for our team. Our goal is to raise $1,000.00!

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click “Register” located at the top.

Step 3: Click “Enter Now”

Step 4: Click “I would like to search for an existing team” and click Continue.

Step 5: Search for “Little Innoscents” and click the green tick.

Step 6: Enter the password “littleinnoscents”

Step 7: Select the 5.5km course

Step 8: Select the “White Zone”. For walkers and entrants with prams

Step 9: Fill in your details and submit! You are now part of the team!

The cost of registration if $47.00, this also covers a donation to the appeal.

Once you have registered and paid the registration fee, email with your name and postal address to receive your t-shirt to wear on the day.

What if you can’t come on the day?

Don’t stress, If you cant attend on the day join our online team show support and make a donation by heading to

How else you can help!

We have decided that from today until the Sunday the 13th of April, $1 dollar from every order sold on our online store will go straight to the Royal Children’s Good Friday Appeal.

Little Innoscents Nominated in My Child Excellence Awards

My Child Excellence Award
Nomination Announcement

We are very, very excited to announce that our Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream has been nominated for the #MyChildMagazineExcellenceAwards in the Favourite Nappy Rash Product category. 

It would mean so much if you would support us and this wonderful, versatile organic product by voting for us and sharing this post.
Click the link below and then scroll down to the Favourite Nappy Rash Product and choose Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream. There are over $6,400 prizes up for grabs from My Child Magazine if you vote in all categories too.

The link to vote is:


Meet The Industry: Tarj from La Mav


La Mav Organic Skin Science came into being after years of research, focusing on beautifully blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science. La Mav’s age defying results are inspired by skin science and delivered through nature to unmask your natural inherent beauty.

So it’s time to meet Tarj, the wonderful founder of La Mav, who creates cosmetics and skincare the right way. Organic, of course!



Why did you start your business and at what point did you decide to go in to the organic product industry?

It was following the birth of my second child Alex in 1994 and I’d developed a severe case of postpartum pigmentation – it was awful and I felt so insecure. I searched everywhere for a skincare product that would help resolve my problem. However, finding a product that was safe, healthy and effective proved very difficult! As a scientist in the research and development field for the last twenty years I was already conscious of the cosmetic industry’s affect on our environment and health. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and many of the products we use on our skin contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. It is not just us who absorb in these toxins but our children who can suffer the effects of exposure through contact.

I wanted to take my knowledge and experience and create a skincare product unlike any other – one that is based on not just organic ingredients but ingredients that actually work!

I am quite thorough and after much research and development involving the evaluation of data in the augmentation of skin firmness, elasticity and hydration, La Mav was born. I have spent the last 5 years researching naturally derived certified active constituents that are free of all toxins (parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients). These ingredients provide a potent result driven organic alternative for the repair, restoration and rejuvenation of the skin at a cellular level and provide outstanding age defying results.

How long have you been running your business?

The official release of the brand was back in 2008 and since then the brand has grown from strength to strength. We are very excited to be expanding the range to include some Anti-Ageing Cosmetics – they have just launched so keep an eye out for them!

What does an organic product mean to you?

I think the essence of what it means to me is to strip it right back to nature. Have a product that’s how nature intended: full of nutrition, the ingredients are pure, there are no synthetics and you are not receiving anything that has been chemically tampered with. That’s basically what an organic product means to me.

What is the biggest difference between your product and other products that are similar?

The La Mav range is based on a three tier formulation approach – with tier three of active constituents (we call them ‘Bio-Actives’), followed by tier two – specialty oils and finally tier one incorporating base ingredients.

Most natural and Certified Organic products in the market place only include what we build in our tier one base ingredients – which includes herbal extracts, vitamins, carrier oils, essential oils etc.

Tier two are exclusively formulated from certified organic specialty oils including sea buckthorn seed, Acai Pulp, Raspberry, Lingonberry and Tamanu Nut Oil – an excellent source of antioxidants for skin protection.

Finally, the most potent anti-ageing ingredients in the La Mav Three Tier Formula are the active constituents that have been clinically proven to have a level of anti wrinkle and anti-ageing activity. La Mav targets specific anti ageing concerns particularly wrinkles, dryness and pigmentation through increasing the skins firmness and elasticity and providing antioxidant support.

Traditional and other organic products are made with only the base ingredients and may include some of our ‘Tier Two’ ingredients like vitamins. Some may even include a small percentage of the potent Tier Three actives but at La Mav we include a higher percentage and more than one active in a product!

What’s your most favourite La Mav product you have made?

I have a couple of favourites but my number one is definitely the Hydra-Calm Cleansing Crème – it’s rich yet gentle on sensitive skin, it will make your skin so, so soft, supple and nourished and looks good in the bathroom! I also personally LOVE the Antioxidant Nightly Repair Nectar, which comes in a stunning pink glass bottle and is lovely and rich, full of rosehip oil, Vitamin E and eight flower nectars and just makes my skin glow and look revived (and after a long week sometimes I need that extra glow!).

What’s your favourite organic product that you just cannot live without?

More recently it is the La Mav Organic BB Crème, I know it’s my own product but we recently launched it and I love it! It’s quick to use and I don’t need to worry about putting anything else on because that product does it all! It’s like a very nutritious skin product that has the added bonus of great coverage!

What is your best piece of beauty advice?

A wonderful Beauty Therapist I have been seeing for a number of years told me this: If you cleanse and tone twice a day that is 50% of your anti-ageing regime taken care of. So I make it a ritual to do this every morning and every night!

What is your secret beauty regime?

I’m sure a lot of people agree with me here but it’s important to look after yourself from the inside– it sounds obvious and it is what everyone tells you but it is true! I eat a lot of fresh vegetables and try to make all my meals from scratch, although sometimes it’s hard if my boys are being persistent and asking for their favourite pizza! I drink a lot of water, I practice Bikram Yoga nearly every day and of course I use La Mav products morning and night – I have my routine down pat and love to treat myself with a La Mav mask and facial every month.

What is your favourite scent that you love to smell and what does it mean to you?

Rose essential oil – for me it is quite calming and beautiful and feminine.

What is your favourite thing to do in the Summer time?

Spend the day out with my family – my husband and two boys. It doesn’t matter where it is as long as we are together just doing something it’s a wonderful day for me.

Tarj has been so wonderful that she is giving you $10 off and free shipping on any order of $50 or more! Head over to and enter the code “lilinnoscents” at checkout to get your hands on one of the best organic products out now!

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