Travel Tips for Holidays with the Little Ones!

QueenslandThe weather is heating up and the sun’s rays are calling – it’s glorious summer time and I’m just about ready for a holiday – I hope you are too! For the first time, I’m travelling from Melbourne with my two bubs – Alex, 5 and Antonio, 2, all the way to tropical Queensland…. and in between web searches, bookings and extensive planning into air freight logistics (think – prams, swim gear and more) I’ve discovered some great travel tips that I’d love to share!

On the Plane:

When the plane climbs up in altitude or descends, the pressure in the cabin changes. As a result the little ones can feel quite a lot of pain in their ears from the tightening of their narrow ear canals. I’m told that this will not burst an ear drum, but anticipating the loud cries and distress of my babies still worries me… so here’s what you can do during take-off and landing to take some of the pressure off – literally!

1. Ensure your little one does not have a blocked or runny nose. Get them to blow their nose and use a vapour rub (Little Innoscents, $10.99) before take-off. Swab their ear using a cotton tip to get rid of excess wax.

2. Get your bub to drink continuously during take-off and landing – the swallowing motion will allow the pressure behind the ear drum to equalize with the pressure outside, much faster. A chocolate milk popper might help!

3. Hold your little one snugly and wait for their tears to stop – there’s not much you can do about the pressure changing. Just try to stay calm – and know that you understand what is happening to your child and that once you land the pain will ease away.

I’m proud to say that for the travelling mamma, JETSTAR ( in flight magazine, also featured our gorgeous organic skin care range in their May, 2010, issue.

In the Car:

For a driving holiday, I’ve taken advice from travelling guru – Catriona Rowntrey from Channel Nine’s Getaway (who, by the way enjoyed trying the Little Innoscents Vapour Rub balm!). She offers these tips, and more here:

1. “Give the children a few of their favourite toys, snacks and play the kind of music they normally enjoy at home.”

2. “Leave plenty of time to take breaks along the way on longer drives and time your departure to an hour before their usual sleep time. That way they should occupy themselves and then fall asleep — hopefully! Or on shorter trips, bundle them into the car at nap time and they will sleep for the drive.”

 3. “Pack plenty of wet wipes, diapers, a change of clothes, sunscreen and hat. Have a pram or baby sling for getting around. Choose child-friendly accommodation with cots and high chairs and if the baby is sleeping in a separate room, pack the baby monitor.”

4. “A room with bottle and baby food preparation facilities is a good idea, and ground-floor accommodation makes access easier with a pram and luggage.”

If you have any travel tips, or family friendly destinations you’d like to suggest make sure you leave a comment – the best entry will go in the draw win a Little Innoscents Organic Travel Bag and a basket of Little Innoscents goodies! Competition ENDS: December 25th, 2010.

Happy Holidays!

Antonette Golikidis (Director, Little Innoscents)

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