Exclusive Agreement Makes ACO Japanese Certified

Now Japanese certified organic

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) – which Little Innoscents organic skincare proudly carries the stamp of integrity from – has made an exclusive agreement with a well recognised Japanese organic cosmetic certification organisation.

The agreement with Japanese Organic Cosmetic Organization (JOCO), will mean that when supplying Japan, Little Innoscents can can carry the JOCO logo without additional assessment or certification.

In Japan, government standards and regulations are in place for food produce, but not for organic cosmetic products. This has resulted in similar confusion amongst consumers as here in Australia, where people cannot dicsern between ‘genuine’ organic products and those just claiming to be organic, without following any regulatory standards.

JOCO gives Japanese consumers the assurance that their organic cosmetic product is ‘authentic’ organic and truly produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or hormones.

No other certification body in the world has achieved an affiliation with JOCO, so I am really proud that the Little Innoscents range of organic baby skincare products meets with their strict manufacturing and processing guidelines. Japan – here we come!

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