CHOICE Says Labels Should Change

A few days ago Independent MP Dr Bob Such began a campaign which could see companies like L’Oreal, marking on their labels, that contents may contain cancer causing nanoparticles.

Same as me, one of Dr Such’s main concerns with the way the current cosmetics industry in Australia operates is that it is, in fact, “a billion-dollar industry that is largely unregulated.”

Anybody that initially thought Dr Such’s claims were scientifically unsound would have their foot firmly stuck in their mouths this week because independent consumer advocate, Choice, concluded that:

Manufacturers should be forced to list whether the sunscreens they produce contain potentially dangerous nanoparticles on the product label.

I totally agree, and if I have my way, this is where the organics and baby care industry will head as well. What do you think?

Find out more about nanoparticles and sun blocks here.

Gillard's $33,000 Promise for Organics

Last month I was asked by the Herald Sun what I thought about different policies put forward by Liberal and Labor governments, from a small business and family perspective.  

Seeing that now the government is changing policy to accommodate for the independents and Greens, it made me think about Gillard’s other promises for my industry – Organics.

As a member of the Biological Farmers of Australia Cosmetic Advisory Group, I urge the Gillard government to keep it’s promise to fund $33,000 to Standards Australia, which provides an important reference for courts to draw upon in determining if there has been a breach in relation to organic and biodynamic labels. But what I’m also concerned about is that the voluntary aspect of Standards Australia has meant that the some fake ‘organic’ companies have actually slipped under the radar.

Organics is a 1-billion dollar a year industry that’s the fastest growing consumer segment in Australia (Australian Organics Market Report, 2010), so we need to do more to regulate it. It is entirely reliant on the idea that ingredients are sourced from non chemical produce, so all companies who claim to be organic should have formulations that abide by this claim – under legislation.

See The Baby Skin Care Mission for information about my mission to change organics in Australia.

Picture: Page 6: Herald Sun, 21/08/10 ‘ Both Parties Get Mum’s Back Up’, By Susie O’Brien

Changing Baby Skin Care In Australia

How many times have you picked up a bottle off a supermarket shelf, intended for baby use, and thought to yourself – ‘This just isn’t right, it’s FULL of chemicals’.

Not all parents think like this and infact, most are fooled with clever, expensive and VERY effective marketing to believe that baby skincare products made from synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals are actually safe… or even beneficial. This makes me very frustrated.

I believe that companies should not be able to claim that their product is natural, unless it really is, 100% natural. I think the government should catch up with the emerging, healthy Australian lifestyle and regulate ‘organics’, and I invite academics to research further into the use of petro-chemicals in skincare products, specifically for our delicate newborn babies.

Babies have a much less developed immune system and a less developed vital organ system, thats why I think that the skincare that we use on them should be regulated. What are your thoughts?

See where our baby skin care mission begins, here: The Baby Skin Care Mission

Our Famous Bear Pit Stops in Fabulous Sydney

Little Innoscents Bear
I’ll be in Sydney today and this weekend with our gorgeous mascot – the Little Innoscents bear. We’re really excited about visiting Babyography in Brookvale and one of our new retailers – Thomas Dux organic grocers, all around town.

Make sure you catch me here:

Friday 10th Sept
Brookvale              12:00pm – 1:00pm – Babyography
Crows Nest            2:00pm – 3:00pm – Thomas Dux
Lane Cove             4:00pm – 5:00pm – Thomas Dux

Saturday 11th September
Paddington            12:00pm – 1:00pm – Thomas Dux
Surry Hills              2:00pm – 3:00pm – Thomas Dux

Sunday 12th September
Hornsby                 12:00pm – 1:00pm – Thomas Dux
Mona Vale             2:00pm – 3:00pm – Thomas Dux

I’ll be handing out lots of free samples of our divine babycare range and our lovely bear will be handing out lots of hugs – so make sure you say hello!

See you there,
Antonette Golikidis
Director, Little Innoscents

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